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Network: Bay Avenue

Password: Vacat1on


Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blankets

Found to the counter to the right of the sink by the dining room door.


Smoke and CO2 alarms

Alarms are fitted throughout the house. 


First Aid

A first aid kit can be found in the second drawer to the right of the back door


Main House Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling is supplied by forced air. The thermostat at the bottom of the stairs controls the first floor. The thermostat on the way up to the attic controls the second floor.


Attic Cooling

Cooling in the attic is supplied by the forced air from the mini-split. The thermostat remote control can be found on the opposite wall.


Hot Water

Hot water is supplied by a tankless water heater, so you'll never run out of hot water. It may take a little while for the hot water to get to the upstairs bathroom, so just be a little patient.



The washer and dryer is just inside the back door, however we have just installed and new high-capacity Samsung washer and dryer in the basement that have "quick wash" capabilities if that helps. You'll find All Detergent and Downy Softener for your use.

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